What To Do The Day Before An Exam ?

Are you fed up with test guides patronizingly telling you to eat a healthy meal, sleep and make study schedules? Well, here are some tips that will guide you on what to do the day before an exam.

However hard you studied in the run-up day before an exam, the most important work is yet to be done. What to do before an exam? Regardless of how much you have studied, it is possible that your exam performance may not reflect your study preparation. That is why we want to give you a few guides that will maximize your performance on the day before an exam.

The last few weeks of school can be terrifying for students of all ages, whether you’re cramming for a test or trying to write a quick essay.

But it’s often more stressful when you’ve only got a day to study for an exam.

The good news is you that can prepare for a test in 24 hours, but you’ve got to be ready for how you approach the material.

These tips are written to help you save time while you’re studying, whether you’re beginning a full day before the exam or even the night before. With some hard work and preparation, you’ll be able to confidently understand and memorize key factors in the course, even if you are behind in the class.

The day before an exam : Remain calm

If you’ve quit studying for the day before the exam, it’s likely that you’re panicking about how you’re going to get all of the work done in a lesser time. No matter what your circumstances are, it’s important that you don’t panic. Stress and anxiety will make it much difficult to concentrate, memorize facts, and think critically about the exam concepts.

If you’re feeling stressed out, take fifteen minutes before the exam to clear your mind and relax. Try some yoga or listen to your favorite song. Just don’t make it any longer than fifteen minutes—set the timer and be prepared to get to work once relaxation time is over.

The day before an exam : Find quiet place

It’s tempting to study with a large group of friends, especially if you’re studying a particularly hard subject. And while friends can provide some much-needed support, they’re not always the best study pals when you’re out of time.

If you’re serious about getting the work done, look for a quiet study place away from friends and other distractions. If you need to, switch off your mobile, or better still set it to silent. Having the peace place you need to concentrate is a key to efficiently study the day before an exam.

The day before an exam : Gather your materials

For a proper study session, always make sure to start with the necessary study materials. Take the time to find a blank notebook, a pen, the course syllabus, and your full class notes. Organize these materials on a note desk, so that you have the freedom and space to access them when you need to.

The day before an exam : Organize your subjects

It’s important to break up your study plan and divide it into subjects. Students will have several subjects with each of them having different needs. It is important to plan and correctly identify the time spent on each subject. With Exam Time, all users have a “General” subject by default. However, we recommend that you create your subjects and organize your materials properly within them to improve results.

Unless you allocate materials to a specific subject, they will automatically be saved to the ‘General’ folder. So, when you create a subject folder like Mathematics, why not add Quadratic Expression resources to it. Similarly with a language, once you have created a folder for that, you can start to add vocab Flashcards to it and so on.

The day before an exam : Divide your topics

Dividing your materials within your subjects is the next step in organizing your study day before an exam. One other feature of Exam Time study plan is that subject filter can be extended by ‘Topics’. For example, you have a subject for ‘languages’. Topics such as ‘vocabulary’ or ‘reading comprehension’ can add greater study transparency to the subject filter. These topics do not have to match your subjects ‘official’ title.

Bonus: Optimize the way you study

Using the tips outlined above will help you understand how effective your study time has been at the time or day before an exam. Remember, learning is a continuous process. For a good grade performance, one must study daily and re-create study methods to improve on the previous results. How are you using Exam Time to optimize your study preparation?

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