What Successful Student does to Fight Procrastination and Get Better Grades?

Procrastination can affect even the brilliant student whether he or she is in middle school, high school, or college. When a student schedules his or her work to the last-minute, there is a higher risk that it will be completed inaccurately or not at all. As a result, the procrastination effect in some student is detrimental in getting better grades. In the worst case, it can endanger the student’s class grades and future goals. When it comes to students that are in middle or high school, it is crucial that parents and tutors help them to fight procrastination immediately. Regardless of the grade level, a student has achieved, there are a variety of ways to stop procrastination.

Do you regularly wait to complete study tasks until the last hour before they’re due? Have all-nighters become a regular part of your weekly schedule? Has coffee become your non-stop fuel to ease midnight study sessions?

If so, you are probably suffering from a bad case of procrastination — and you’re not alone. Many students fall prey to this bad habit, but just because it’s common don’t mean it’s the best way to navigate in your academics! In fact, the practices associated with procrastination — rushing through assignments, getting little or no sleep, taking in vast amounts of coffee —can affect not only your grades but also your health.

The truth is, you need to work better if you give yourself adequate time to turn in high-quality work. And doing so makes it more likely you will get better grades and stay healthy. Here are five handy hints to fight procrastination and get better grades :

Handy hint #1 to fight procrastination and get better grades: Break down large assignment 

It can be overwhelming to break down a large assignment thinking you need to complete the whole thing in one sitting. Conversely, chipping away at it a little at a time is much more manageable.

Take some time to assess each assignment, jotting down a list of everything you need to do to complete it. Next, pull out your calendar and give yourself deadlines for completing each assignment. You should complete all assignments a few days before the entire assignment is due so that you can check your work and make sure it’s cohesive.

Handy hint #2 to fight procrastination and get better grades: Limit distractions

You’re less likely to procrastinate when you’re concentrated. If you notice you’re spending too much time on social media, temporarily disable your account(s) while you’re working on a particularly challenging task. Put your phone away when you’re working on an assignment or studying, and choose an appropriate and quiet study place.

Handy hint #3 to fight procrastination and get better grades: Designate study/schoolwork time

Much like you should create a timetable for each assignment you are given; you should set up a regular study/schoolwork schedule. Evaluate your course note and set aside a reasonable time for each week to complete work for each class, and tick out this time on your calendar. Designating such time keeps you accountable to sit down and get your work done.

Handy hint #4 to fight procrastination and get better grades: Find a study mate

Finding a study mate is another excellent idea to hold yourself responsible for getting your work done as scheduled. You and your mate will have a set schedule for the meeting, and that will require you to stay on top of your work—or else you’ll hold up your mate. Studying with a friend can also be an effective ways to learn faster, especially if you tend to get bored when studying alone.

Handy hint #5 to fight procrastination and get better grades: Reward yourself

All work and no play can make it hard for you to feel motivated and concentrated enough to continue working diligently throughout the school hour. Remember to periodically reward yourself for your academic efforts with better grades and healthy things, like mind-clearing walks between study sessions and hangout time with friends. You’re less likely to procrastinate if you’re feeling happy, healthy, and motivated!

Take note; Laziness is a negative, almost parasitic trait we must all fight to overcome study challenges. For some of us, it takes a while to win the battle truly. But have faith that you can do it! Follow the hints above, and soon your laziness will be but a figment of the past.

The lack of motivation, no sense of urgency, and a fear of stepping outside the comfort zones represent factors that lull us into laziness.

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