Secrets to Taking Multiple Choice Tests- How to Get High Grades

Do you have challenges answering multiple choice Exams? Are you in need of secrets to taking multiple choice tests and pass with good grades?

Answering an MCQ paper is not the same as answering any other paper, the method by which you should approach the questions is different from how you would approach a question on a written paper. The following are 6 principles that you should adhere to when answering multiple choice questions in order to get high grades in the exam.

 6 Secrets to Taking Multiple Choice Tests

1. Focus on 1 question at a time

The ability to do well in an MCQ exam relies mostly on how well you are able to remember the details since multiple choice questions are mostly focusing on details.

When starting to answer a question, it is advised that you cover up all the other questions with a piece of paper so that you cannot see them and feel overwhelmed. It is very easy to misread details given in the question and get the answer wrong, so your focus should be given only to the question at hand.

Since the brain is a curious organ, it tends to get easily get distracted and reduce your focus which in turn will result in difficulties recalling details of concepts accurately.


2. Cover the possible answers until you come up with your own answer

People sometimes get swayed by the answers provided and often convince ourselves that the answer option should be correct because we cannot recall information correctly. Therefore, make an attempt to answer the question of your own before getting distracted by the options. Once you have come up with an answer, uncover the listed and see which answer is the closest. If you see an answer you anticipated, circle it but make sure that none of the other options are better.


3. Skip and come back if you cannot answer

Read the question and see if you can answer the question right away, and if you cannot answer it right away, put a mark next to the question of the answer paper to remind yourself to come back and move on to the next. In most cases, you realize that you are able to answer the questions later because the connection made by the brain at the first instance was not strong enough. This is due to memory working as a network and triggering a memory path of a concept may trigger other concepts.


4. Take mini breaks

Brains can only focus continuously around 10 minutes, therefore, it is necessary to break around every 15 questions to maintain the focus. Remember to stay hydrated as well as it increases the brains’ efficiency.


5. Perform a salvage round

Always allocate time for a salvage round, since you might often discover that you have misread a question or 2 in the first instance.


6. If you don’t know, make educated guesses

Here are some guidelines to help you narrow the answer.

  • In most cases, “all of the above” is correct if more than 1 answer can be found
  • Answers with “always” and “never” are less likely to be correct.
  • “None of the above” is usually incorrect
  • The longest option tends to be the correct one
  • Answers with repetitive keywords tend to be correct

Multiple choice tests involve some amount of studying, however, do not overlook how vital the actual strategies you use to take the test are. Using the above 6 secrets to taking multiple choice tests tip, you can study much less and secure the equivalent grade of studying radically more.

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