How to Stop Procrastination and get things done: A Pathway to a Productive Life

Looking for effective tips on how to stop procrastination? Are you keen on living a productive life?

To be productive you need to be motivated or at least have some commitment to the task at hand. You will fail to be productive once you stop trying, failure does not stop you from being productive, giving up does. People tend to think that if they fail at something once or twice they can never do it or they are not capable enough. This is just a psychological thing and is highly untrue, failure should be used as a learning process and you can try better next time, this is what all successful people do.

The biggest enemy or obstacle to your productivity is a phenomenon known as procrastination. For starters, procrastination is basically delaying the most important tasks at hand for unimportant and unproductive work. Procrastination is basically a delaying tactic used by people who want to avoid work. Now we move on as to how to deal with procrastination. The first and the foremost thing is that one should be honest enough to realize and admit that they are procrastinating. Then once you do accept the fact, ponder on the reason as to why you are doing so is it you or the task. And then finally once you reach this point you should look to adopt some anti-procrastination strategies to stop procrastination.

The biggest trouble for any student is their homework. Majority of the students just avoid doing it until the eleventh hour, and then all they could do is panic. So we would focus a bit on how to deal with such sort of procrastination.

How to stop procrastinating :

The issue is that we have so many distractions we can scapegoat to overcome our own laziness. It is the era of social media and every student is 24\7 online. You waste your time  (and so do I, let’s be honest..) on such things delaying their homework, so in order to know how to stop procrastination, we can talk about some tips. Always set a timer for your tasks, while doing homework in a designated hour, do your work for 45-50 minutes then take a 10-15 minute break for social media or other activities. Always set an incentive for yourself at the completion of the task. Like, decide that you would only eat a bowl of your favorite ice cream once you are done with your homework. Procrastination is a psychological phenomenon and the best way to counter is using psychological tricks.


Tips to on how to stop procrastination :

Now that we have established that procrastination is a real thing, let us look at some of the scientific tips to stop procrastination.

• Focus :

The foremost is that only focus on the task at hand, forget about all other chores and think of the one you are procrastinating about, keep it in mind and set a deadline for it.

• Start right away :

Now that you have singled out your task, do not wait till tomorrow to start it, start today. The earlier you start the more the chances are of completing it.

• 5-minute rule :

Yes, this is an actual thing, when you fear that the work at hand is too difficult, you tend to avoid it further, you might put it up for the next day and next week, and deep down you know, you will not be able to do it. However, if you use the miracle 5-minute rule, where you sit for five minutes and ponder on the task, and think of the progress you can make to the assignment in these five minutes, results show that people who do actually start with their work tend to complete it.

• The power hour :

You dedicate the complete hour to work with full commitment, you may take short breaks in between but stay put on the task ignoring all other work

• Peek inside yourself and ask :

A very nice tip to overcome it is to ask yourself the reason for procrastination, do you not believe in yourself or is the task making it hard for you, once you have found the answer just let it go, do not let it daunt you or make the task harder than it really is. This self-realization is a huge step in completing the task.

• Treat yourself :

Another tip is to make the task fun, keep a reward for yourself when you complete it, or treat yourself. Like playing an hour of your favorite online game once and only once you are done with your work.

The above-mentioned techniques are just scientific techniques or tips you can say, the results are not guaranteed, they are just a try to make things easier to make it seem possible. But now we would talk about some practical ways to stop procrastinating.

• Work Breakdown :

The first way to stop procrastinating is to break down your work into smaller simpler tasks. E.g. you were given an essay or a report as homework, then break it down into steps, brainstorming, and jotting down some points, the rough draught and the final piece. This helps focus on the current phase and you complete the task of steps.

• Change in environment :

Changing the environment in which you work can really help you stop procrastination. The idea of working on your bed makes you sleepy, then you should surely find a place less cozy to work.

• Make a timeline :

The best way to ensure you complete a task in time and without worrying is to design a timeline, make sure you set deadlines for yourself to ensure you are on the right track. With deadlines set you will not delay your work as you don’t want a backlog.

• Avoid Pit-stops :

Disable your Facebook pop-ups or your email reminders, thus you will not be distracted and this way you will stop procrastination.

• Look for an inspiring partner :

One way is to work with a person who inspires you, this would ensure that you stay motivated and produce the work on time.

• Have clear goals :

One major thing required is that you should be sure of what you want, because due to overthinking you may get off the track, but if you keep a clear idea of what you want to achieve there is no stopping you.

• Do not complicate stuff, just go for it :

The problem is that you might just make the task harder for yourself than it already is. So stop waiting for everything to be perfect, stop setting standards and just go with the flow.

All these steps are counter to non-productivity, so follow these steps on and try not working harder than its original magnitude, with simple tips on how to stop procrastination, you will be able to increase your productivity and live a fulfilled life.


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