How to stop procrastination and Laziness- Tips to Become Productive

Everyone in this world has the same time limit to do all of his or her work; it is not possible that a person in life will have more time in a day to do his entire chorus. It is all about how people, manage the timings and all the work he needs to complete in a day to meet all the deadlines. This article will guide you on how to stop procrastination and laziness to be able to be more productive in all your endeavors.

How to Stop Procrastination and Laziness

Procrastination is one of the major problems that everyone is facing in life commonly; there are people who are bad at managing the things in their life and meeting up with their deadlines. In this regard, they are offered with some kind of techniques and solutions that could help them to be a better person and make sure they will have everything organized in their life. However, to move forward towards how not to procrastinate and being too lazy, you need to know two major facts:

Fact 1: Productive people manage things differently, they have same period

Fact 2: There is no secret to deal with the situation but a mindset and powerful shifts in dealing with your to-do list


Three steps to start being productive (and stop procrastinating..)

There is not a scientific theory in the background to stop procrastinating in your life but three simple ways to stop procrastinating and managing things in a better way and to meet your deadlines in time.


Step 1: Watch what you say!

Our words do have a great impact on what we will do and how we do behave. Most of the time we use to have a self-conversation in which we use some of the common statements to deal with procrastination situation but that too creates a lack on our side. We use some common statements in the trouble timings like:

➢ I should stop being lazy

➢ I am going to lose it

➢ I should be more productive

➢ I am smart but I do not know how to apply

These are the statements we use in self-talks and let our mind know about some of the ground realities of our personality. However, on the other hand, we are also putting ourselves into something deep and negative. The mentioned statements do have negativity and discouragements that makes things much more difficult for us and we are encountered with continuous procrastination. To eliminate procrastination it is important that we should change the world we use in self-talk. It is the need of the hour that you should use the positive and constructive statements in self-talks, which will put a positive effect on your mind and help us to stop Procrastination. You can change your statements into something positive by the following tactics :

➢ Stop thinking about being lazy, the statement should be, “everyone is human and struggle hard so I am”.

➢ Instead of I am going to lose you need to console yourself, “It will be fine” even in the worst case, “I tried hard, but it will be fine.”

➢ Instead of considering your smartness, manage the work of portions and deal with it.


Step 2: Stop Blaming Time

Time is not the problem for your procrastinating problem, this is a fact, and you need to understand it. A world clock comprises on 24 hours that cannot be more or less for any person all around the world. However, the duties and responsibilities of every person can be different and do not match with each other. If you are also a person who reason or blame time for procrastination then you are doing it entirely wrong. Thinking about you have less time to do other things will make you feel like overburdened and it will be hard for you to manage things. In this regard, you need to follow the following ways to be productive :

Let go of should do that really doesn’t matter

There are so many unnecessary things we put on our To-do list such as learning to any new language that is not even required or doing some cooking when you have a pending assignment or watching a movie when you have some research work. You need to get such stuff out of your to-do list so your prior focus will be on your work.

Let go of waiting for inspiration

Most of the time we are waiting for a kick start to start up any work. If we are on an assignment then until we do not get the deadline call, we will not bother about the assignment that is not working for you. You have to make sure you will do the things on your own. Do not wait for a kick-start but to make you active enough to do the things before time as well.

Let go of guilt

If you are late for something or unable to manage, it due to some uncertainties then does not get yourself into the feeling of guilt but try harder. It is not going to happen until you are not going to finish it. Therefore, it is better not to think about the guilt but take action to make things right for you in the meantime.


Step 3: Break the to-do list!

When you have too much of workload and it seems like you need some extra hours in a day to meet the deadlines then you need to break down your commotion list. It is not possible for you to have 25 or 26 hours instead of 24 hours. Therefore, it is better to plan up things in a way that will let you meet your most important deadlines at first and then moving heads towards the next. This will help you to have a better working schedule and you can make things easy for yourself as well. Having everything at once will pressurize you and procrastinating will prolong. Make sure you will have things in chunks and according to the priorities and then deal with them. Be productive, and stop blaming everything.

After reading this tips on how to stop procrastination and laziness and become more productive, you should be able to make a powerful turnaround of your old ways and manage things in a better way.

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