How to Read Faster and Understand -Inhale Information from your Text Book Like a Pro!

It is not a secret that successful people read books and blogs. They also cream out the essence of a reading text. They do a lot of reading. So the following tips and tricks are the simplest ways on how to read faster and understand every word effectively. It will also not help you to read faster but also retain that information.

Tips on How to Read Faster and Understand

Use Directional Tracking method. In common term use your finger as trackers. This will guide your eyes to follow the position the finger moves. Move the finger along a sentence horizontally as you read through it. This will help the Brain to concentrate as well as to focus on the specific text it is directed. This will help your Brain not to get tired scanning through hundreds and hundreds of words. Your Brain is always curious to find out texts or images on the same page. This will disrupt the flow of your reading as well as negatively affect attention and understanding. When you become used to the Finger tracking method you can use it maximizes the reading speed just by moving the finger fast. Directional tracking can be used as a proficient method to read your books.

Another simple mistake that lots of people make is sub-vocalization of the words that they read. This can drastically reduce your reading speed. In fact, it will get you bored and exhausted. Sub-vocalization involves with reading one word at a time. This is not efficient because to comprehend what you read subvocalization is unnecessary as well as it will overwork your brain. When you vocalize a word not only it will use parts of your Brain regarding reading and comprehension, but will also stimulate areas such as Broca’s area, which unnecessary incomprehension. So how will you reduce subvocalization? In the beginning, you may have to consciously stop yourself from it. The more you try better you become with it. Using directional tracking also will help to reduce subvocalization since your vocalization cannot keep up with directional tracking method. Maybe you can try something less conventional like chewing gums. Many have found it useful.

Don’t try to back skip. It is a bad habit involved with reading it consumes your time. It may happen intentionally or unintentionally. You will back skip because you lose the place you were reading. This can be prevented by directional tracking method. Some students re-read paragraphs or sections because they feel they did not understand it. This can be minimized also by directional tracking and increase your concentration and focus. It is obvious that you might have to slow down in places where it doesn’t make sense and need extra time. You are supposed to re-read important concepts vital for your exams. It is up to you to decide what areas you re-read and what you don’t. But don’t waste your time on stuff you understand.

Now try to use all three on how to read faster and understand effectively mentioned above simultaneously. It will help you double/ triple your speed. With time you will get used to it and excel in it. 

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