How to Dominate your Interview and Land your Dream Job

Having the best resume or cover letter does not guarantee that you can get the dream job that you’ve always wanted to do. If you want to get the job, you will need to nail the interview. Unfortunately, most of the individuals find it as a hard task to get through the interviews due to silly mistakes that they do. Here is a list of three effective tips on how to dominate your interview and keeping them in mind will enable you to land your dream job without any hassle.

how to dominate your interview

1. Hack your interviewer’s state of mind

If you can figure out the expectations of your interviewer, you will be able to face the interview in an appropriate manner. That’s why it is important for you to hack the interviewer’s state of mind. Unfortunately, most of the candidates think only about themselves.

In order to hack the state of mind of your interviewer, you need to pay attention towards the below-mentioned facts.


  1. Remember that your interviewer to has a job – The interviewers don’t want to get back to their seat after going through a boring interview. Therefore, you need to make the interview interesting as much as possible.
  2. Don’t just focus on your skills – While showcasing your skills, it is important for you to highlight your behaviors as well. For example, if you are looking forward to working as a salesperson, you should demonstrate that you are a personable and friendly character.
  3. Do the homework – It is better to do your homework and get to know about your interviewer before you go. You just need to go to the LinkedIn profile to get all the information you need.

2. Give out the perfect response

There is a question behind each and every question that you would face in an interview. It is up to you to figure out that question behind the question. This will assist you to give out a perfect response. On the other hand, you should stay away from using complex words when you are answering the questions. You should also polish your answers to perfection before you put it out of your mouth. The interviewers expect such kinds of answers and if you can provide them, you would be able to nail the job interview and land your dream job. 


3. Stay away from deadly mistakes

It has been identified that most of the people do deadly mistakes in their interviews. For instance, you should not blame your previous employer at the job interview. When you come to the interview, you have almost got your job and you just need to stay away from mistakes for a couple of additional minutes. Therefore, you shouldn’t do anything that creates a negative impression about you at the last minute. You can easily search on the internet and figure out the deadly mistakes that people make in interviews. You just need to make sure that you don’t do them in your interview.

As unattainable as a dream job might sound, with the 3 tips provided on how to dominate your interview coupled with sufficient amount of forethought and preparation, be well assured to land your dream job

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