How to be more efficient ?

Be efficiency is one of the keywords in the development world. Managers and students are always looking for it or decrying its absence, and there are thousands of courses and seminars that teach how to be more efficient. And if you aren’t productive, you soon know about it, either with your boss or lecturer screaming at you, or you falling further and further behind in your task.

This article attempts to make efficiency a simple concept to understand. It also tries to put efficiency into a small learning context. Be more efficient is even more stressful (potentially) when you run your own business, whether it is a small home-based business or a business that has employees.

So what is efficiency? Well, we can keep that simple, and say that efficiency is the fundamental act of getting things done well in an acceptable time frame. That means getting the necessary stuff done, as well as the things that you need to do move your business forward.

Tip #1 On How to be more efficient

An excellent first tip would be to make sure that you have a list of activities to do each day. This does not mean seizing the latest piece of software that helps you plan your life (although some of these are very good). It does mean taking a piece of paper and a pen at least and writing a list of the things that are needed to be accomplished on any given day.

This tip forces you to think about what is truly important, and it also makes you get rid of all the distracting activities that can be either done by someone else or aren’t that important anyway.

Tip #2 On How to be more efficient

The next main tip you that should be done is keeping an exceptionally tidy desk. This works wonders for the state of mind and works efficiently. Having less distraction, literally, and you also have a clear mind that can focus on getting the important things done. And you also have space to do all of that work in, which makes you more efficient. Try Pomodoro technique ! 

Tip #3 On How to be more efficient

And as a student, when studying for class exams, it’s best to do so in an efficient manner. This will help you get more studying done in less time which can get you better performance with a bit less stress. Learn what you can do to make your study time better so that you can get more done efficiently.

The first thing that you are going to have to do is getting rid of distractions. There are too many things that can distract your mind around you all the time. Try to reduce noise or move to a quiet and peaceful area. Have proper lighting. Take care of the little things on your mind that might be bugging you.

Tip #4 On How to be more efficient

Try to be comfortable so that you can take the time to focus on your work study. If you are uncomfortable, Distraction will start to occur. If you feel good, it will be easier to focus and study efficiently in less time.

Tip #5 On How to be more efficient

Make sure you have a proper sleep. At times being tired can make forcing yourself to study not feel too good. When stress out, you will not be able to focus much well. With plenty of rest, you will have a better studying time.

Tip #6 On How to be more efficient

Be sure to take frequent breaks. Get up and walk around every thirty minutes. This will keep the blood to flow and make you feel better.

Tip #7 On How to be more efficient

Lastly, during group study, try not to talk off topic so much. At times group study times can be inefficient because there are too much talking and other activities going on. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you need to be studying, this doesn’t help.


Adequate planning is what you need to become more efficient. If you plan your specific daily activities (make sure they are meaningful activities) on a calendar and do those things consistently, you will eventually become more efficient and get more done is a less amount of time.

Look at this list of things to do to become more effective. Very interesting !

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