How to hack your brain and experience mind blowing powers

Increasing your brain power has the potential to deliver a variety of benefits to you in the long run. However, increasing the brain power is not something easy as you think. If you stay committed and do all the hard work, you will be able to increase your brain power little by little. But now you don’t need to go through any hassle. Here is a list of 5 brain hacks that you can try in order to experience mind blowing powers in the long run.

1. Using a Memory Palace to remember long lists

Almost all the humans find it as a hard task to remember long lists. That’s the main reason why people tend to list down the items they want before going to the grocery store. Plenty of space is available within your body to remember long lists. If you want to memorise a long list, you should visualise it with your imagination. In other words, you need to map the items in your list with the things that you see in your neighbourhood. For example, if you want beer, you can visualise your neighbour passed out drunk and if you want condoms, you can visualise scattered condoms in your driveway.


2. Space out reminders to retain information

Information stored in the minds gets wiped off along with time. However, the above-mentioned fact is not applicable for all the facts that you have in mind. For example, you will be able to remember the base state of 649 Pokemon even if you cannot remember the Pythagorean Theorem. If you want to stay away from this hassle, you need to understand the rate where you forget information and then get adapted to it.


3. Write it down

Remember the last time where you took a pen and wrote something down. A lot of people in today’s world don’t tend to write down things because they are addicted to digital devices. However, writing down things has the potential to help you remember anything with minimum hassle. In other words, you can remember things easily when you write something down, instead of typing on your keyboard.


4. Control your anger

You can easily get pissed off by the things around you. However, you need to be careful enough to control your anger, especially if you need to remember things for a long period of time. When you are not angry, you would not be distracted by the external factors around you, which can help you memorise things effectively.


5. Strengthen your immune system

Getting sick has the potential to lead you towards a lot of hassle. It would create an impact on your memory as well. When you are sick, your brain will have to deal with it as well. This will erase the things that you have stored in it. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to take necessary measures that can strengthen your immune system.


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