An Effective To Do List Techniques- Best Way To Organize Your Task Schedule Like a Pro

Nowadays, most students have many tasks to do and get stuck ending up feeling overwhelmed and ineffective with compilations of things they never get done.  Using this effective to do list techniques, you will be able to organize and prioritize your tasks more effectively 

The following instructions are based on how you arrange your study tasks into a document where you can keep in your computer and enter and look at your schedule whenever you want to. This is helpful to a lot of people like university students, where the workload get the best of you and you tend to forget stuff. The system is called High GPA System.

How DO You Create an Effective To Do List Techniques?

So firstly you have to open an excel sheet or a Google sheet to get started, but I highly recommend you to use Google Sheets. I recommend Google sheets because it is much simpler to handle and you can open it anywhere from your PC to your Tablet as long as you have Wi-Fi or the internet.

We’ll be using Google Sheets. So go to Google and type Google sheets and you will go to Google Sheets. Small tip you will need a Google account for this to create or sign up. In Google, sheets press the + button and it will give you a new spreadsheet. Name the spreadsheet as you do with any other document. If you want in the name tab, you will have a “star” in the top middle section of your document you can use it to mark or unmark the document as a favorite or not.

Next, you will list down your studies/ courses. Maybe you can start from B6 downwards. Then from A6, you enter the week numbers from week 1 up to the desired number of weeks you have maybe one semester. So type week 1 and left click and drag the cursor to select all the courses in a week. Then you will find a + at the bottom right-hand corner of the selection. Drag it down until you get the desired number of weeks.

Next thing you want to include is the types of activities you do to excel in certain courses like reading, quizzes, going to lectures, supplementary reading, summarizing, etc. Insert them on the horizontal way starting from C5 and continue. Do the same to C4 and continue. There are two types of courses technical and non-technical. So you will name them on B4 and B5 as technical and non-technical.

Now, you will move onto is to add color to the task sheet. Select the first mastering task. That will be C6 and drag it down to the last task of the last course. Then, fill in a color which catches your attention may be like red. Make sure your selected cell is still C6 then click on the format for your taskbar and click on conditional formatting. Type the number as 1 and select the background color as Green. Then press “save rules”.  Then go to the sheet and press number 1 and enter. You will see the color change to green.

So after you complete a task goes to the relevant cell and type 1. That will turn green and you will know it is done. With this effective to do list techniques, you can follow this sheet to keep up to date with your tasks.

Stop procrastination and  organize and prioritize your tasks more effectively

Voilà ! 

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