4 Reasons to go to the library to study

Why study in the library? There are different reasons to go to the library to study. To better understand why some student would choose to study in a library over other outlets is still a secret. The library has changed from the days of librarians walking around making sure everyone is well seated and quiet. It has become more of a social gathering in some places. Even studying in the bedroom has changed the dynamics of the way most student study. Let’s look at some reasons going to the library to study.

Reason #1 To Go To The Library To study : Study alone

By far the most popular reason student go to the library to study is 77%, the clear majority of our surveyed students head to the library to focus on their studies, by themselves. To many, this reason shows that no matter what type of resources are offered by the library, this learning space is (and will probably always be) regarded as the best place to get serious about schoolwork.

It also means that, during top study periods (such as finals exam), students would do well to get to the library early to secure the study space of their choice!


Reason #2 To Go To The Library To study : making use of the online databases

More than half (51%) of the students said that they’re at the library to use the online databases, indicating that a good ration of their research work is completed at the library.

Unfortunately, many students will often find themselves in front of an imminent deadline and a closed library. Or perhaps they can’t make it to the school library for other reasons (such as parenting responsibilities, lack of transportation options, or need to travel away from home). Lessen your students’ stress by reminding them that they can access their school databases from their computer. Typically, all they need is an internet connection and a username and password (which usually require a school e-mail account or college library card). (Of course, before mentioning this, you’ll want to double-check to ensure that this is true for your school.)

Reason #3 to Go to the Library To study : making use of reference materials

Whether they’re in need of general resources such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, specialized publications such as field-specific bibliographical guides, or other references that merely not available in electronic formats, then students visit the library to access non-circulating materials that they need to complete their projects.

Even so, given that only 49% of students stating that they use the reference materials, we recognize that many students may not also be aware of these materials. (Or, if they do, they may not know the important they play in the research process.) If your course includes a research project, encourage your students to make use of them. Students may also appreciate being reminded that, if they are not sure how to use these helpful reference guides, their school librarian will be able to assist them.

Reason #4 To Go To The Library To study : meeting their study groups

Whether it’s for the big luxury table, the convenience of accessing nearby reference materials, or the simplicity of having a central place to meet that’s not their own homes, the library is a favorite place for students to gather for study and group projects. More than one third (34%) of students said that’s the reason they visit their library.

Are you assigning group projects for your course, or do you recommend that students get together in groups to study? If you know students will use the library as a meeting place, advise them to reserve a study room. There, they can talk about the details of their projects without worrying that their studying is disturbing other students.

Another reason student chooses the library is the option of working in groups. Having a few friends or classmates can have a quiet place to read the information and then discuss what it is they have learned. Some of the best methods for learning is hearing the information spoken back to you and then having a chance to listen to a different view that can help you break down the study information. Research shows that students who work together tend to do better on exams and retaining the information after that.

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